Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Functioning and Beautiful Wetland Created in an Upland - UF's Teaching Wetland by Dr. Mark Clark

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit the teaching wetland/stormwater pond at UF then be sure to walk the boardwalk through the system next time you are on the UF campus.

The SEEP Wetland is a creation of Dr. Mark Clark's and is truly a work of science and art. Many of you have heard my comments on just how hard it is to create a wetland in an upland area without existing hydrology. Florida's rainfall totals may hit the 50"+ mark every year. However the storms creating 50" of rainfall usually occur with unpredictable timing - sometimes we have several months of intense drought. Without native groundwater, surfacewater or other water supply, created wetlands tend to "dry up" and die...But not at the UF SEEP!

Mark designed the system with three major components, including a shallow forebay catching every little bit of precipitation. And the design is working, growing, cleaning stormwater, providing habitat for wildlife and a sense of place for people.

Perfect for bring back volumetric green to the Urban Core.

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