Monday, November 16, 2009

Landscape and Stormwater Combo - ACF StormScrubber cleans and stores stormwater

ACF's StormScrubber is an example of one of the newest in technologies for cleaning stormwater. As nitrogen and phosphorus become limiting factors in urban development, plant based stormwater and wastewater treatment system are being implemented nationwide. Plants are efficient at uptaking nutrients, nutrients otherwise contributing to algae blooms and dead waterbodies. As site development becomes more constrained with respect to available space, stormwater and wastewater treatment can turn to plant based systems as a method of sequestering nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, copper and other contaminants. Once sequestered, these pollutants may be removed through biomass harvesting and composted on-site for reuse in the landscape. Removing nutrients from the water cycle is the most efficient way of cleaning our water supply. Look to the ACF StormScrubber as a simple yet efficient plant based water treatment system.

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