Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cellular Confinement Systems for Pervious Roadways, Parks, Streets, Parking Lots and Sustainability

Cellular Confinement Systems were refined by the U.S. Corps of Engineers and today offer an option of creating structural, pervious Green Roads, Parking Lots, Fire Access Lanes and more.

The Cellular Confinement System Design Guideline Brochure found at the link to the right (pdf file) provides information on how these systems can be used.

I was fortunate to spend the day recently with Hadas Levin of PRS, a cellular systems manufacturer.

Importantly, cellular confine systems can be used to produce pervious surfaces using the native soil - crushed and recycled asphalt - recycled concrete - fill from the site. In other words, there is usually no need to haul away excavated material - even though the excavated material may have a lower quality.

Furthermore, the system may be used to build tall, vertical living walls with a very small footprint.

Check out the attached design guideline for additional sustainable ideas!

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