Friday, September 3, 2010

Living Walls Remove NItrogen and Phosphorous, Provide Beauty & O2

RJ and I built and installed these two living walls for a downtown Jacksonville, Florida restaurant - Indochine.

Based upon Atlantis technology ACF's Green and Sustainability team has developed systems that can remove nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus from stormwater.  Integrating plants into available structural Atlantis components and incorporating geosynthetic fabrics, sorptive media, organic carbon sources and other components.

Volumetric Green for the Urban Core!

Cleaning Stormwater, Providing Habitat and Creating a Sense of Place!

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  1. Kevin, fantastic work, we hope to see these all around the US.

  2. That's pretty cool how it can help improve stormwater control as well as make places look more exotic & fancy. I can totally see future restaurants implementing things like this. Nicely done!