Sunday, January 30, 2011

Florida Forebay Wetland Cleans Stormwater and Provides Landscape

Our Stormscrubber wetland has passed its eighteen month install date anniversary and still providing successful stormwater treatment, storage and landscape credit.

We installed the StormScrubber in May 2009 on the site of an upscale cafe in the Springfield Historic restoration district in Jacksonville, Florida.

The prior to the install, the site had serious flooding and stormwater problems.

The StormScrubber Wetland solved the stormater runoff issue and provided landscape beauty and credit all in  one package.

The site presented several significant issues.  There was the potential for system clogging because of the sandy and silty nature of the soils.  A permeable paver system using historic bricks was installed to direct the stormwater into the wetland system.

The wetland was planted with Florida native species that could tolerate both inundation and drought.

The wetland system incorporates a special self pruning system to keep roots from filling up the infiltration-void storage chamber.

To date the StormScrubber has preformed as expected, cleaning runoff, storing the rainwater underground and using the collected stormwater to irrigate the landscape feature plant species.

The new paradigm in site design is the combination of landscape units with rainwater storage.  Call us today for more information on how Green and Sustainable BMPs can help maximize your project's design efficiency.

StormScrubber 2009

StormScrubber 2010

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