Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Volumetric Green in the Urban Core is the Answer! - Beauty - Clean Water & Habitat!

Answer to what you ask? I'd reply - just about everything...As a youngster growing up in tropical South Florida, I'd spend weekends with my Grandpa who lived among the San Blas Indians while building radio towers for Pan American. He would tell me about how much they would rely on plants for food, fiber and medicine. And I think of how our Florida shores appeared to the first European explorers as they landed on our beaches - volumetric green! - A far cry from today's urban sprawled horizontal green. However, by bringing back volumetric green to the Urban Core we can immediately see cost-effective results in treating stormwater, providing wildlife with habitat, developing natural integrated pest management systems, provided a much needed sense of place to our cities' inhabitants, allow for food growing on a local and permaculture type basis, and much more. When studying the vertical green projects we've monitored over the years I am never ceased to be amazed at how much stormwater the plants drink. Critters requiring vertical green above four feet thrive because they can escape predators. As the ecosystem rebuilds, the Florida anoles and treefrogs eat ants, roaches, mosquitoes and termites - the perfect non-toxic, non-polluting via runoff pest management system. Vertical green allows to reach back and reconnect with our ancestors and their close relationship to volumetric green. Think about the holly wreaths we hang all over our walls this time of the year. Yes, volumetric green is the answer.

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