Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sorption Media, Drain Cells and Rain Tanks - New Generation Stormwater Treatment

Pictured here you see the structure of a stormwater system designed to fit directly under permeable pavers and permeable concrete. The black plastic framework is the Atlantis Draincell, a 2" thick, H-20 loading structural void system (95% void space). The DrainCell is filled with a University of Central Florida Product called sorption media. The DrainCell is set directly on top of a series of Atlantis RainTanks (volume storage). A 2" layer of #89 leveling stone will be spread across the fabric covering the DrainCell and Sorption Media and Permeable Pavers set on top of the stone. Bottom line - the Permeable Pavers allows stormwater to infiltrate down through the pavers, down through the #89 stone, down through the non-woven fabric, down through the Sorption Media packed DrainCell into the RainTanks for exfiltration or recycling as irrigation. The Sorption Media removes nitrogen and phosphorus while the DrainCell allows for volume (quantity) storage within inches of the bottom of the pavers. Saves $$$ on piping, inlets and drop boxes. Removes N & P from the stormwater runoff. Great for sites with high groundwater. New paradigm in stormwater and parking.

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